Wednesday, April 6, 2011

As Unaccustomed As I Am To Blogging

Not only have I never had  a blog before I have never contributed as much as a comment to anyone else's, having visited my son's and daughter-in-law's only to see what they looked like. As a raw beginner at age 85 it may take a while for me to decide what to do with this device now that it seems to function as expected. Since the name of St. Thoreau has been included in the home page (is that what they call it?) and since the title suggests I'm a poet, a poem about Thoreau and technology might do for a start.

Henry Sails The Web
When Henry finally strung the wire 
from the highway through the wood lot, 
over the bean field, raising it higher 
to reach the cabin, neighbors thought 
he’d changed, forgetting his romance 
with trains, his odes composed to the 
telegraph lyre. Could he forgo the chance 
to download rare Hindu Veda? He 
almost laughed out loud at e-mail notes 
from Waldo’s Aunt Mary Moody who 
taught him to launch his cyber boat 
and sail the web. He never failed to 
find  new cargo: more to deny than he’d 
dreamed of: so much not to need.


  1. Glad the blog is working out well. I can't wait ro read more.

  2. This is a take on Thoreau, (the Concord pencil-maker) that we don't know & much less see in print.

  3. Just came upon your blog. Very nice! I will work my way from the beginning to the present.

    I had met you years ago during the DOE hearings. That nuclear waste stuff.

    I have purchased several of your books my favorite is still "Settling In" I really liked Salmon, Landlocked.

    Thanks for the Blog, Mike McAllister, Poland, ME