Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We received an e-mail from a friend in Australia. One of her students was having a serious problem with cyber-bullying. Suddenly it seems the obvious solution to this; pushing the off button, going off line, not opening e-mail has become impossible. The weapon has become a necessity for the victim's generation..

About Being In Touch

Reading the work of others so familiar
with foreign places aware
of the latest fads films music celebrities real
or self-assumed should I
feel abashed by my inexperience which seems
to be almost ignorance
that not only have I not seen but have no desire
to see Venice (not that I want to die
sooner of course) but should I retire to my thicket
of bushes and erratic boulders
where my actual vista is as restricted as my
experience for how can I be
in touch with society humanity my national
family in touch with what
they call reality to share the feeling of all
those people out there who
surely have souls too if I had never seen
the twin towers before
they died on TV and if instead of new towers
I'd recommend a simple
circular park with a central fountain for
the new bull's eye (although I
hope I will not have to visit New York City again
before I die) then they'd
all cry he doesn't understand the cost of real-estate
but I'm not retiring for
I'm beginning to find not doing things not facing
facebook uneatable blackberries or
a telephone smarter than I am that not doing
many things is rewarding
as editing what they call reality is a happening
fewer and fewer enjoy may  
Invention Necessities mother forgive me.

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