Friday, May 3, 2013

Saying Goodby

The poem below was written more than two years ago. The copy of The Aurorean in which it was published arrive in my mail Thursday, May 2nd. Vicki drew her last breath about 9 AM Monday, April 29th as I sat by her bed,  holding her hand.

In Lieu of Flowers

I didn't read Sunday obituaries
beyond a glance for names,
avoiding the ages of demise
but the eyes stray. 

The phrase "In lieu of flowers" 
being frequent, pleases: 
positivity facing the 
ultimate negativity.

Suddenly the question intrudes: 
what would I say at 
the loss of my partner 
of sixty-six years?

In lieu of flowers — let them grow.
If you find a bug 
carry it carefully outside 
and let it go — 

as she often did:
that's what I'd say.

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