Wednesday, January 1, 2014


                          For The Previous Year

  The Whole I's Parts

Anaxagoras says "the things that are
in the world are not cut off from one 
another as with a hatchet. In everything
there is a portion of everything."  *

are constellations

as a telescope 
atomic nebula

to heaven
Mobius strips to Hell

and a sand grain
on my beach
a mountain.

Quote from Russell: Wisdom of the West.

                  For The New Year


I’ve never found an arrowhead,
one flinty chip f history.
Young Thoreau, they said, if he walked by
some farmer’s fresh plowed field, could just
stoop down and pick one up. As if
the spirit that had shaped them drew them
up to his attention. Stoney bread crumbs
no birds will eat, these points and flakes
led him from the town into the
saving woods and wilderness, marked
the path to a wildness which might
save us all. His faith led him on
to find what he believed. We find, 
he said, what we’re prepared to see.

1 comment:

  1. Bob,

    I've never found an arrowhead either, and it's not been for lack of trying! Since about age eleven, Camp Minqua, York, PA. Anyhow, the poem, as it leaped to my prepared eye, was arrowhead enough, chastening my gaze, barely tempered by a surge of admiration--like the flight of an arrow--gratitude and sheer happiness at your continued achievement, breadth and acuity, for its own woeful and relentless lascivious propensenties, for which it remains like Laocoon so strangely unprepared and entangled. Very best regards and Happy New Year to you, which given today's storm of a work in progress, will be another big bag of confetti with another big glorious hole in it. Best regards, Ken Rosen