Friday, March 14, 2014

Black Islands Continued (2)

Maps of Quirós: 1598

Unknown southern continent uncovered
as a woman blind and her lover in
the visceral dark we find explore share
our ignorance these uncertain faint thin
strings wordless by intent without design
lines we draw of one another meaningless
disconnected in daylight curved insular
strokes might be something of a shape we guess
a blind reader feels excitement or bliss
from feeling and the slightest touch a swell
of breast or a bay of thighs an island's
sudden promontory faint lines that may well
mark the corner of a chart which uncurled
outlines vast lands which balance half our world
in which we may share our visits flags  unfurled

                  Star Paths

Islands are green stars in a deep water sky
as broad as the one cast over us nightly 
a reed mat where light sparks are held so high
we sail between them and their reflections
and we needn't know or name every star yet
we sense where they are just as we know where
parts of our body are in the darkest net
of night even children's fingers as they could
with fiber threads pick patterns from formless air
so we're children again sailing empty seas
in patterns that may not seem to be there
but our boat feels the currents our bellies
feel the lift beneath the waves confusion 
for there where a star sank the cloud we saw
as if fixed by trees was no illusion
to which birds fly but a green effusion

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