Thursday, July 3, 2014

If Reborn An Animal...

              If I Were Reborn

I'm puzzling a problem nonexistent, 
beyond my control even if existing. 
If I were to be reborn an other animal, 
which one would I choose? What aspect 
of their life would be most important to me? 
Sexuality keeps shouldering creativity aside.

A song sparrow identified by song
when I can not carry a simple tune or
tell one tone or key, sharp, flat (whatever
they are) from another. We dream of flight.
Not sparrow flutter but raven's soaring. 

A bull with a heifer harlem, tackle 
challenging porn star's fire-hose tools. But 
dominance's not my desire. Hard to know 
how the heifers feel about being herded. I 
want no mutuality demanding ownership.

I chose salmon: land-locked Salmo solar sebago. 
that best swollen streams each spring to spawn, 
sexes sharing body's beauty as sleek for
stroking as a breast or thigh or groin to grace
those blessed waters where I was born.
A choice even now as I view the winter's 
last ice-fishing shed on the frozen pond. 
Salvaged metal panels shine with sunlight in 
contrast to the ice and rutted crusty snow. 
The door, open, invites me in and down into 
the world below. I'll wait for warmer weather.

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