Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Compensation On The Ides Of August Six thirty AM: naked in the picture window, pleased by the rising sun — but soon I must drew the shades for you pay for the light with heat and by noon the room would be too hot. Nature, Emerson says, is not given free and like any pleasure payed for by protecting it or restraint or other compensation. Afternoon, reading on a bench by the pond an old oak substitutes for the shades. a tree which isn't mine in the sense of being me but I protect, care for, as I guard and care for my home. As for my pleasure in rising early to stand naked and dress in the morning sun, where is the payment, the compensation Emerson claims must be due to even this if it gives pleasure? It must be that I am here alone — I mean I should have been a sufficiently different me. to have brought thee,whoever you are, to be here with me in Nature's blessed light.


  1. Bob,

    That's very nice, eery, though I'm not sure why, the nakedness in the morning light, the ominous/mysterious subject line, and I see no comments anywhere. I'll send you by email my gmail address (rather than posting it here and compromising it's already frayed purity of personal purpose), and if there's any way to subscribe to your blog, please put me on the list. I'm okay, age spots popping out all over like dead leaves in late autumn. Can't remember how I established that Montenegro monicker. Maybe if I check the notify me box I'll be on your list, but then notices run the risk of getting lost in my spam obese email accounts, Ken Rosen (Hey, the minute I checked the box, Google our sponsor reminded me that nothing gets past the 21st century's surveilling eye by posting my gmail address in black letters on a pink ribbon. Well, at least the color combination is 20th century).

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  3. I see it's the querying title of the piece that was eery, and it seems I could add my gmail address from your blogsite, so in the immortal words of Claudius, All may be well!