Thursday, November 5, 2015

What Can Poems Be About?

           Universal-Rundle Aqua-Flush (3.8 Lpf *)

Many have said "Anything may be the subject
of a poem" — well — In the curved chrome polish 
of the urinal's universal valve my
reflected face is twisted to a fun-house grin. 
In the deepening pool a candy wrapper spins

reminding me of rats tested for memory 
in water made opaque with milk swimming,
seeking the small rest platform the rising flood 
concealed. The forgetful circle, scrabbling the slick 
stainless steel tub 'till a gloved hand comes down

to save them before they drown while the rats
that remember where the rest platform was
rest and wait until God, in his write lab coat,
shuts off the flow, drains the flood. Wet rats shake. 
The discarded candy wrapper relives it's fate. 

* 3.8 liters per flush

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