Saturday, January 9, 2016


  Happy Holidays

Time limps on between Christmas
and New Year, the news sharing 
daily retrospect and prediction so
luckily we hear less that's actually 
happening. I'm left remembering 
family meals as many others did.

Why no relatives of my parents 
at dinners like those so achingly 
described?  I start by remembering
all my grandparents dead. My father's
three sisters, married,  lived within
twenty miles. In my life I've met one.

Of my mother's relatives I've met 
only Anne, her older sister. I wonder
where all those aunts, uncles,.cousins 
were.  The temperature a record high,
I replant my living Christmas tree. 

I call out to the calm, unfrozen pond,
"Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

to everybody's Tiny Tim,  everywhere." 

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